Clock Indicators and Switches

Here is a schematic for the indicator LEDs and switches on my current clock project (rewrite). All the LED indicator pin-outs should work with all Arduino -- CMMR-6P sketches posted up-to-date on 'Duino Lab. The switches are a new addition to set UTC/Local Time and Time Zone for Continental US. More on the code revisions later that enable that function. The new Arduino IDE is out at Version 16 and allows posting sketch code as HTML, I'd like to get that running as using <pre> tags to post code on this blog is "USER UNFRIENDLY".

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  1. Oooh, very nice capt. I've been on the road this summer on vacation and haven't been home to continue working on my clock.

    I like the dip-switch approach. I had considered making an LCD menu with 4-button input to set the time zone and such. This is much more practical. Keep it up.